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Custom Videos

On top of producing corporate videos, we also offer use of our studio to advisors who want to shoot their own videos. With the average user spending 88% more time on a website with video1 and 54% of users wanting to see more video content from the brands they follow2 it may make sense for you to consider adding a custom video to your marketing plan.

Interested? Reach out to our video team at [email protected] with your idea, we’ll guide you through the process.

The process looks something like this:

  1. The Scoop team will set up an introductory call to discuss your video idea(s) and outline details for possibly bringing the video concept to life.
  2. Send us your script or outline so we can have it reviewed by compliance.
  3. Once the script is compliance approved, we’ll coordinate the best video recording option for you.
  4. A few weeks after the video is shot, we’ll send you a draft of your video and allow you to request edits.
  5. When you’re happy with your video, we’ll submit it to compliance for final review and approval.
  6. After we receive final approval by compliance, we’ll send you a link to your video that can be used on social media, your website, or sent via e-mail.

Below you can find more information on the shooting options that are currently offered. You can choose to work with a local video production company to shoot your video, we can ship you a camera kit for you to shoot a video in your office, or you can utilize one of our video template options. Be sure to check out the guidelines below before moving forward with any of these options.


1 Forbes, Video Marketing in 2018 Continues to Explode As Way to Reach Consumers, 2018

2 Hubspot, Content Trends: Global Preferences, 2017, updated 2019

Local Production Company

You are allowed to shoot videos with a local production company if you choose to. To ensure your video is approved, be sure to read our guidelines before you shoot.

Remote Camera Kit

Stifel's remote camera kit can be shipped directly to you and comes with everything you need to shoot a high-quality video. 

Templated Videos

Not everyone wants to (or has the time to) create their own video, so we've created pre-approved templated videos that can be book-ended with your contact information.

Mercury Films Shooting a Stifel Wealth Tracker Commercial

Have Questions About Videos?

Our team is here to guide you through the process from idea to final video. 

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