Educate Clients & Prospects

Printed Materials

According to, reading printed materials increases comprehension and retention of the information. Printed materials also leave a lasting impression in a world that’s mostly digital. Whether you want to provide a prospect a brochure on a specific product or want to let a long-time client know you’re thinking about them, we can help.

Below are some of the resources for printed materials.


Stifel Market

Stifel Market is where you’ll find pre-approved printed materials available to order for your branch. To see what’s available sign in to Stifel Market, then click on Mailroom Supplies. These items cannot be customized. If you’d like to request a customized piece, please submit a request in AdTrax.

Please Note: Each branch typically only has one or two people who can order from Stifel Market. Please check with your branch manager if you’re not sure who it is in your branch.


Pre-Approved Holiday Cards by Proforma

Proforma offers a wide range of pre-approved holiday cards that can be ordered at a discount and shipped to Stifel offices.



Wall Street Greetings – Requires Additional Approval

Wall Street Greetings offers print holiday cards that can be ordered and shipped to Stifel offices. Please note that these cards MUST be submitted to our PCR team before placing your order.