Seasoned marketing professionals, experienced in the financial industry

Who We Are

We recognize the marketing-related challenges that exist in such a heavily regulated industry, but at Stifel, we take a different approach to marketing. We believe that compliance and creative teams should work together to bring your marketing ideas to life. We believe that you, your business, and your clients are unique, and your marketing materials should reflect that. Last, but certainly not least, we believe in offering you our top-notch service completely free of charge.  


  • Advisor Recruit Marketing – Our Advisor Recruit Marketing team specializes in creating marketing materials that bring top advisor recruits to Stifel, hosting events to showcase all that Stifel has to offer, ensuring that all new recruits have a seamless on-boarding experience, and that those recruits have all the marketing materials they need for day one and beyond.

  • Advisor Branding & Marketing Strategy – Our Advisor Marketing team is responsible for building advisor brands and assisting with the creation of marketing strategies specific to the advisor’s business. This team also vets all requests sent to the Creation side of the department and assigns them to the best person for the job.

  • Social Media Marketing – The Social Media team specializes in helping our financial advisors create social media marketing strategies that can help grow their books. They also create the strategy for and manage our firm’s social media pages. Did we mention that they’re an award-winning team? That’s right, in 2019 and 2020 they were awarded #1 in Social Media Experience by The Financial Marketing Institute.

  • Multi-Media Marketing – The Multi-Media Marketing team specializes in non-traditional marketing efforts. This team can assist you with digital marketing campaigns and creating custom videos. This team helps create, publish, monitor, and market all podcasts in the Stifel network.

  • Corporate Branding & Marketing Strategy – This team is responsible for all things related corporate brand – firm-wide events, firm marketing initiatives, implementing new marketing applications, and identifying ways to keep us on the cutting edge of marketing in the finance industry.

  • Graphic Design – The Graphic Design team specializes in bringing your ideas to life. They take your content or rough idea and turn it into something eye catching, while staying on brand and keeping things compliant.

  • Corporate Communications – The Corporate Communications team is responsible for writing all content for our firm marketing materials. They can also assist our advisors in writing anything from biography content, to a video script, to an e-mail to clients or prospects.

  • Public Communications – The Public Communications team is responsible for reviewing any branch or vendor created letters, presentations, or other materials that will be sent out to 10 or more clients or prospects. This team is also responsible for reviewing specific creation materials like bios, social media profiles, websites, and invites, as needed. 

  • Affiliate Marketing – The Affiliate Marketing team is responsible for guiding the creation of materials for Stifel affiliates who have their own design team and creating materials for those who do not. 

  • Documentation & Process – The Documentation & Process team is responsible for creating, modifying, and archiving all the company’s forms, agreements, and other important documents that support the client/advisor relationship. They also assist in verifying all titles, designations, and contact information on creation items to assist in our goal of getting materials correct the first time.