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If you’re not currently using LinkedIn and Facebook, your competition is. Social media is now a critical component of any advisor’s marketing efforts.

Whether you’re looking to prospect and build your network, enhance existing relationships with clients, promote your personal brand, or strengthen your online presence, we are here to provide you the right tools and training to make it happen.


Common Questions

  • What social media sites are approved for business use?  LinkedIn and Facebook Business Pages 

  • Who can be approved for social media? We allow access to social media for business use to: Financial Advisors, Branch Managers, Registered Client Service Associates, Research and Investment Banking (Institutional) Associates, and Stifel Bank employees.

  • I’m a CSA wanting to assist my advisor with social media, is that permitted? Yes, we allow Client Service Associates and other unregistered branch associates to assist an advisor with their social media efforts.


Get Started

The first step in the approval process is to complete our required training video. Click on the appropriate training video below to get started.

Once you complete the video, the social media team will be notified and will follow up with your next step based on the selections you make on the questions at the beginning of the video. More information in regards to do’s and don’ts, what to expect, how to share content, and how to use social media will be sent to you in this process.


I'm a Financial Advisor or Branch Manager

I'm a Client Service Associate

I'm an Institutional Associate

I'm a Stifel Bank Associate

Stifel's Social Media Team

Social Media Team

The Stifel Social Media Team will help guide you every step of the way – from initial set up on LinkedIn or Facebook, to helping you develop a digital strategy to meet your unique business objectives.
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