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Building Your Brand

When prospective clients understand your brand, they’re more likely to connect with it. Our team can help you redefine your marketing, creating a distinct identity that speaks clearly to your target audience and is the beginning of a relationship between your brand and prospects.


At Stifel, we believe the advisor is our brand. 

While most firms in the industry encourage their advisors to all think and market themselves the same way, using identical, cookie-cutter collateral, our philosophy could not be more different. We work with you to find out what makes your business unique and we use your brand attributes to help you not only stand out, but become a leader in your market. 


Here's Our Three-Step Process for Building your Brand:

  1. Discovery Phase – We do this through a set of about 15 focus questions that you will answer either as a team or individually. Taking the time up-front to first understand the “why” and “who” behind your business helps us to develop and design an effective final product. Our goal is to uncover why you do what you do, why your prospective clients should work with you, and who exactly your target audience is. Your feedback helps us pinpoint the value that you provide and serves as the foundation for our work.

  2. Develop Strategic Messaging – Our team of writers will create content that you can use throughout all of your marketing. This may appear in the form of a tagline, mission statement, investment philosophy, process, and more. We’ll go back and forth with you adjusting the content until you feel it reflects your personality, business, and overall brand identity. If you are part of a team this content will be crucial to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. Aligning your internal team with a consistent message can also outline to your audience how they should think or talk about your practice as well.

  3. Develop Your Brand Imagery – It’s important to view your brand’s imagery as an opportunity to visually communicate with your potential clients. Whether you’re going for something more modern or traditional, clean or complex, real people or illustration be sure to make all of these decisions with your ideal customer in mind. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make sure your brand imagery leaves an impact.


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